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Joomla Feedback Extension

Written by Martijn van Vreeden on . Posted in New releases

feedback formYou can get great insights to optimize your website by using Google Analytics. It's a free tool to track most of the important metrics to evaluate the performance of your website. There is one major flaw in Google Analytics (or most other web analytics tools). It doesn't allow you to get qualitative feedback from your users. Most web analytics tools don't allow you to ask your users what they think when they are visiting your website.

We believe listening to your visitors can get you the best insights to optimize your website and help your users have a pleasant time on your website. That's why we developed a plugin which allows you to get this qualitative feedback from users. Once you setup the plugin to your personal needs, you can find the feedback of users in your Google Analytics account. You can see an example of our Google Analytics feedback extension in action on our website. Just take a look in the right bottom corner of this page to find our little button.

Tracking comments in Jcomments with Google Analytics

Written by Martijn van Vreeden on . Posted in Google Analytics

Comments are important to track on a blog. They are an important way to track if your readers are engaging with your website or blog. For Joomla, there are many components which offer comment systems for your Joomla websites. One of the most popular comment components is Jcomment by JoomlaTune. Here is how you can track comments in Google Analytics when you use the Jcomment component. To use this instruction, you will need to have Jcomments installed. You will also need access to the files of your Joomla website (preferably by FTP). We have focused our instruction on the latest version of Jcomments, v2.2.0.2. Instructions may vary on different versions of the component.

Personyze on-site behavioral targeting: an interview with VP Danny Hen

Written by Martijn van Vreeden on . Posted in Personyze

Personyze LogoA few weeks ago we started a series of interviews with some of the leading minds in onsite behavioral targeting. Our last interview is focused on website personalization tool Personyze. We had the pleasure of asking Personyze VP Danny Hen to share some insights about tool development, onite behavioral targeting and the future of Personyze. If you want to get started with Personyze, try our Personyze plugin for Joomla for easy integration into your Joomla website.

Danny Hen (@dannyhen) is VP Marketing and Business Development at Personyze(@personyze). Personyze’s goal is to enable websites of all sizes to deliver a much more relevant and personalized experience to their visitors, moving away from a “one site fits all” approach to delivering a “website per visitor” experience. In his position Danny is assisting Personyze customers and partners in making this goal a reality.

Adding author markup to Joomla blogposts

Written by Martijn van Vreeden on . Posted in Updates

html code

Google just revealed it's supporting authorship markup HTML tags. This may seem like a small tweak, but it's seriously good stuff if you're a writer wanting to find your work online--and it could even help protect an article's IP. And that's all good for readers too. If you run a Joomla website and have a lot of contributors or you are the only author and want to claim ownership of your work, you only have to make some simple changes to your Joomla website to get the right markup done for Google indexation. Look for one of our two scenarios for instructions on how to add the markup.

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