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Goodbye BTBuckets... Hello Siteapps!

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Goodbye BTBuckets... Hello Siteapps! 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 votes.

BTBuckets has always been one of our favorite behavioral targeting tools for Joomla websites. The plugin we developed together with the folks of BTBuckets has been extremely popular with our users too. Building awesome tools for online marketers and webdevelopers seems to come naturally to the folks of Predicta. They decided to pick it up another notch and develop something even better than BTBuckets. Siteapps was already introduced a while back. They slowly developed the tool into a useful tool to easily integrate smart features into your website, without any coding experience. During the development of Siteapps all of the cool BTBuckets features were integrated into Siteapps, making BTBuckets obsolete.

 Analytics for Joomla started using Siteapps a while back to learn more about the people that visit our website and modify content based on user behavior. Siteapps has proven to be extremely useful to us and we hope you will enjoy it too.

If you want to learn more about Siteapps, please visit their website, or check out this video.

Learn more about Behavioral targeting

A while back we interviewed several of our partners to learn more about the power of behavioral targeting. We recommend you to check out our interview with Phillip Klien, founder of BTBuckets and Siteapps to get started with behavioral targeting.

Siteapps for Joomla

If you are already familiar with Siteapps and you just want to get started as soon as possible, please download the Siteapps plugin for Joomla. It is compatible with all the latest Joomla versions and will help you integrate Siteapps into your Joomla website in a quick and easy way.

BTBuckets users, check out Siteapps!

We recommend all BTBuckets users to check out Siteapps. BTBuckets users should have received a notification email from Phillip Klien from BTBuckets, telling them to move to Siteapps. BTBuckets code will stop working in six months.

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