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Google Remarketing in Joomla

Google RemarketingIt has always been difficult to add tracking codes to different types of pages in Joomla. This has been of influence on advanced tracking of data. It is for instance not easy to add tracking code to articles in a specific section of the website or just to the thank–you-page of a form.

Google Remarketing

Google Remarketing allows you to show ads to users who’ve previously visited your website as they browse the Web.

When you use remarketing, you’ll tag pages of your site that correspond to certain categories you want to promote. For example, you could add a “TV” tag on all of the pages where you sell televisions. You can then create an AdWords campaign to show highly relevant messages (such as ads displaying a special offer on TVs) to people who’ve visted these pages as they browse sites across the Google Display Network.

Check out this video to learn more about Google Remarketing.

BTBuckets plugin makes Google Remarketing in Joomla look easy

As you can probable imagine, adding tags to specific pages in Joomla is tough. You can’t simply add your Google remarketing tag to your template, because this code will be added to all pages of your website.

The BTBuckets plugin for Joomla allows you to create very specific segments to target with Google Remarketing, without adding all types of tracking codes to your website. BTBuckets is a sophisticated segmentation tool, which allows you to create buckets of users based on specific criteria (read more about this on the BTBuckets website).

These are the steps to follow for adding Google Remarketing to your Joomla website:

  1. Create a free BTBuckets account
  2. Add the BTBuckets browser plugin to your browser and activate it
  3. Download our BTBuckets plugin for Joomla and activate it
  4. Create a segment of users (bucket) in your BTBucket dashboard
  5. Go to your Google Adwords account and create a Google Remarketing tag
  6. Click on the bucket under the Google Remarketing code in the popup of the tracking code
  7. Select your preferred bucket to target
  8. Start your remarketing campaign!

BTBuckets makes Google Remarketing cooler for all websites!

With BTBuckets you can create very specific segments, which are unavailable to regular Google Remarketing users. Consider the following examples of segments:

  • Add only visitors from New York City to my segment, regardless of the pages they have visited
  • Retarget only visitors who have visited at least four pages on my website
  • Target visitors who have entered your website through brand name keywords
  • etc.

Want to learn more about BTBuckets?

Check out this quick video, or visit the BTBuckets website.

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