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How to track external clicks with Google Analytics in Joomla

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Google Analytics logoOver the past few years we have had many requests from Joomla community members for our Google Analytics plugin. None of them were more popular than tracking clicks to other websites, also called external clicks. That's why, during the first release of our Google Analytics PRO plugin for Joomla we made it our top priority to implement this functionality.

The functionality has been used by most of our plugin downloaders. That's why we would like to share some more insight into how the functionality works and where you can find the data in Google Analytics.

 Why track clicks to other websites?

  • It seems like an obvious question to some of us, but there are many reasons for you to track outbound clicks.
  • Know where visitors go when they leave your websiteKnow how much support you offer to partner websites
  • Get a better understanding of your bounce rate and time on site metric
  • Some outbound clicks (ie affiliate clicks) are valuable to you financially

How clicks to other websites are being tracked

We built in an automatic way to track clicks to other websites. In our code we check on which domain the plugin has been installed. This tells us which destination a click to our website has. Just so we know which clicks we need to exclude from being tracked. All of the other clicks, going to different domains will be tracked with our plugin as outbound clicks.

The outbound clicks are being tracked as Google Analytics events. We'll show you where to find these Google Analytics events in your Google Analytics reports.

Outbound click tracking Joomla

The Google Analytics reports for outbound clicks

The data is automatically captured once a click on an outbound link is made on your Joomla website. All you need is sign in to Google Analytics and find the data in your reports:
Go to the Content Overview section in Google AnalyticsClick on Events and click on the Top Events linkThere are two types of outbound events, text-link and image-link. Click on either type to see the clicks being made on themYou can also see the clicks to other websites by selecting the event action called outgoing_click. When you click through, you can see the links on other websites that your visitors went to.

Setting Google Analytics goals based on outbound clicks

It can be useful to track outgoing clicks as a goal, to make sure you can easily access the events and see how successful you are in getting outgoing clicks. Here's how you setup this goal in Google Analytics. You can also give the goal a value.

Bonus! Custom Google Analytics dashboard for outbound clicks

For some of our users outbound cliks are extremely important to keep an eye out for. For those Google Analytics users, we have made a custom dashboard to make it easier to monitor outbound clicks. Download the dashboard

Would you like to track clicks to external website from your Joomla website? Download our Google Analytics PRO plugin for Joomla for advanced Google Analytics tracking.

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