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How to understand Joomla user behaviour with Google Analytics

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How to understand Joomla user behaviour with Google Analytics 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 votes.

Google Analytics has proven to be a very powerful tool to get insights about how your website performs. With just a basic Google Analytics implementation we can learn how often are website is visited, which pages are seen very often and which traffic sources send us most of our website visitors. Unfortunately, none of this tells us what different type of users are doing what on our website.

Some fundamental questions are left unanswered:

  • Are registered users behaving differently on my website from non-registered users?
  • Are male users interested in different articles than female users?
  • If a user was registered a long time ago, does he have different interests than brand new visitors?
  • Does the prefered language of a user relate to the behaviour of the user?

These questions and many other questions about the characteristics of your website visitors require a specific type of data, which is available to you. The data is sitting in your Joomla database already. Are you ready to use it?

Data silos are an analysts worst enemy

If you want to analyse user behaviour on a (Joomla) website, it's useful to gather as much data as possible in one single environment. This means you have to tear the walls down between data silos and build one datasource instead of many different data silos. Joomla runs its own data silo, being the Joomla database and it's tough to analyse this data. If you connect the Joomla data with Google Analytics, you combine two very powerful datasources which will give you a better understanding of your Joomla users. 

Getting more user insights, powered by Joomla!

We have developed a brand new plugin which allows you to pull Joomla data from your database and put it into your Google Analytics reports. As part of our Google Analytics PRO plugin for Joomla we have developed an advanced data layer, which allows you to push the information from your Joomla database into Google Analytics in a very flexible way.
Besides the four questions we already asked in this article, it is possible to learn more about your user's behaviour based on all the other metrics already available to you in Google Analytics.

Google Analytics user tracking

Would you like to learn more about this powerful Google Analytics feature? Download our Google Analytics plugin or contact us.

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