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How to track downloads in Google Analytics for Joomla websites

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Over the past two years we have developed a sophisticated Google Analytics plugin with many useful features. Last week I discussed one of our favorite features, tracking clicks to external websites with Google Analytics. Another feature which is often used, is tracking downloads of different types of documents with Google Analytics.

We wanted to make sure the feature works straight out of the box, without any hasstles setting it up. Like all of our plugin features, we make sure that advanced users and beginners are all able to understand how our plugin works and get excellent use of the plugin.

What type of document downloads does the plugin track?

We started off with a fairly short list of document types that we wanted to track. Some of the most obvious ones were Microsoft Word documents and PDF files. Both are used a lot by our users to share information with their website visitors. Over the past few years we have added a lot of other document types to the list. We wrote out an extensive list with all sorts of extensions we now automatically track in Google Analytics with our Google Analytics PRO plugin.

Even though we support a few dozen types of documents to track, we may have left one or two of them out. Just let us know and we will add your desired document type to the list.

How do you track downloads with your plugin?

The process is pretty straightforward. We have developed a script that allows us to capture the extensions we want to track as a download in Google Analytics. Every time somebody clicks on a document that we want to track with our plugin, it sends the information to Google Analytics.

After the download, we can find it in our Google Analytics reports. We track downloads with Google Analytics event tracking. In your reports, you will need to look for the event category called "downloads". That's where you can find the downloads that have been made and the amount of times a download has been made. In a previous article, we shared how you can set events as goals in Google Analytics. The following video explains how  Google Analytics event tracking works.

Would you like to track downloads from your Joomla website? Download our Google Analytics PRO plugin for Joomla for advanced Google Analytics tracking.

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