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Cohort analysis for Joomla websites with Google Universal Analytics

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The development of a new online project can often be split up into multiple phases. During the introduction you are able to get your first few hundred subscribers to your website. These users are keen on getting started with your product or are just generally curious about trying new things. On an average, these first subscribers are different from the ones that subscribe after your website has been optimized and tweaked over time and has proven to be successful. The user who has subscribed to your website in the first month will have a different onboard experience than the one that subscribes after month five.

You could also answer questions like:

  • Are my users during peak season returning to my website in low season or do they only show up once?
  • Are users during my product update month interested in my products over a longer period of time?

This is why cohort analysis can be very useful.

What is cohort analysis?

Cohort analysis is a type of analysis which compares similar groups over time. This will allow you to get a better understanding about the impact of your website development and optimization over time. You can slice up your subscription or user base in to different cohorts based on the date when they subscribed.At Analytics for Joomla we want to provide you with the tools to make a the necessary data available. On regular Google Analytics implementation the registration date of a user will not be available to you.

cohort analysis

Cohort analysis for Joomla websites

With our Google Analytics plugin PRO plugin cohort analysis is made available to Joomla websites, out of the box. You can select the 'registration date' in the backend of the plugin and send the information to a custom dimension in Google Universal Analytics. The registration date of the user will be pulled directly from your Joomla database every time the user logs in.

Registration date in Joomla plugin
This is the setup of the custom dimensions in Google Universal Analytics.

User dimensions Google Universal Analytics

After you enable the custom dimension in Google Universal Analytics, you can make segments in Google Analytics based on the period of time the users registered for your Joomla website. Consider segments like "early adapters", "peak season subscribers", etc.

This is a cohort example for May 2013 in a dashboard in Google Analytics. It will show all visits from users in this particular month, split up by medium. It will also show the average value of the visit from users in this cohort.

Cohort analysis is one of the many types of analysis you can only run out of the box based on a Joomla website based on our Google Analytics plugins.

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