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How to setup custom dimensions in Google Universal Analytics

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It takes a few simple steps to add a custom dimension to your Google Universal Analytics account. In this article we give an instruction to tell you exactly how it works.
When you add custom dimensions, you are able to add Joomla data to your Google Universal Analytics account, which is extremely valuable if you want to segment your Joomla visitors. In our example we are adding the gender of users to a custom dimension.


Seven steps to add a custom dimension:
1. From your Analytics Account home, click the Admin tab, click the account name, and then the property name you want to add custom dimensions to.

2. Click Custom Definitions, and then the Custom Dimensions tab.
3. Click the New Custom Dimension button.

Custom dimensions

4. Add a Name. This can be any string, but use something unique so it's not confused with another custom dimension or metric in your reports.
5. Select the Scope.
For dimensions, the scope defines which data will be collected. The scope has three levels: the hit, or the individual data point, like page view; the session, or the number of all the hits in a single visit to your site; and user, the individual user tracked across several sessions.

6. Check the Active box to start collecting data and see the dimension in your reports right away. To create the dimension but have it remain inactive, uncheck the box.
7. Click Create.

Setup Custom dimensions

You are now done with the setup of a custom dimension in Google Universal Analytics.

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