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Universal Analytics integration with Display Advertising: update of our PRO plugin

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As part of finalizing the beta phase of Universal Analytics, Google has released a new integration between their advertising network Doubleclick and Universal Analytics. This update means you are now able to find a lot of Doubleclick data in your Universal Analytics reports. All you need to do is update your trackingcode to make sure the feature is enabled and make a few minor changes in your Google Universal Analytics settings.

 We are happy to announce that we now support the update of the trackingcode, with the click of a button.

 Once you change this setting the required code update is automatically set on your website and you will see the Doubleclick data in your Universal Analytics reports.

What additional data will be shown in your reports

Analytics now includes data on your users' demographics (age, gender) and interests (affinity categories, other categories). You can analyze those data with two new categories of reports in the Audience section:

  • Demographics Overview (overview of traffic by age and gender)
  • Age (traffic by age ranges)
  • Gender (traffic by gender)

Interests Overview (overview of traffic by affinity and other categories)

  • Affinity Categories (behavior by affinity categories)
  • In-Market Categories (behavior by in-market categories)
  • Other Categories (behavior by other interest categories)

What else you need to do to enable the new Doubleclick display reports

Besides changing your tracking code, you will also be required to make a few changes in the Universal Analytics settings, from inside your Google Analytics account. You can learn more about these additional changes here; 

Don't have our Universal Analytics PRO plugin yet? 

You can download our plugins for Universal Analytics in our download section.

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