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Event Tracking goals in Google Analytics

We have begged and we have pleaded. Finally Google has caved and given what many web analytics users have been asking for; event tracking as goals.

Up to this point a lot of specific valuable actions could not be set as goals in Google Analytics, but just as an event with a value. It was only possible to use a pageview as a goal. In some cases it was possible to set things as goals, eventhough you didn't load a page, but created a virtual pageview. It wasn't pretty and didn't give you the best insights.

Examples of event tracking goals

In their big new release of Google Analytics, Google has made setting events as a goal possible. Here are some examples of what you can now track as goals:

  • Interaction with a video (like Youtube)
  • Interaction with a flash element
  • Number of errors users get during checkout
  • Download of a pdf
  • Interaction with a AJAX site

How do you set event goals?

Events are defined using a set of Categories, Actions, Labels, and Values. Here’s how you might set up event tracking for tracking downloads of whitepapers and presentations.


These interactions all have potential business impact, but until now you couldn’t track them as goals in Google Analytics.

If you need more information about event tracking, check out the Google Analytics blog.

What does that mean for Joomla users?

Analytics for Joomla recently introduced a plugin for Youtube embedding with Google Analytics tracking. This was based on event tracking. It is now possible use this plugin and set a goal based on the amount of times the video was played.

This is going to be the tip of the iceberg. In the future we will develop more plugins like these to make sure you can get the insights from Google Analytics to make sure you can optimize your Joomla website.

So, please stay tuned to get the best new Google Analytics plugins for Joomla in the future.

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