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New feature: Google Analytics loadtime tracking

loadingtime google analyticsGoogle Analytics has been updated recently with a brand new interface and some really cool new features. One of the latest additions to Google Analytics reporting is the loadtime reporting functionality. Analytics for Joomla is likely to be one of the first to add this great feature to the Google Analytics plugin for Joomla. Many creative webanalists have been developing complex ways to track loadtime of pages with event tracking in Google Analytics. This was a complicated, but extremely useful way to get better insights in the way a website was performing.

Google already made online marketers aware of the fact that loading time matters. They changed the algorithm of their searchengine to make sure it got the attention it deserved and added loadingtime results to the Webmaster Tools as a new metric.

To make it a bit easier to optimize for better loadingtime performance, Google also introduced a a brand new tool called Google Pagespeed, which gives you some pointers on how to improve the loadingtime of a website.

Sitespeed is now an official metric in your Google Analytics interface. You will have to use the new user interface to see the metric in your reports and add an additional line of code to your tracking code to get the data rolling in.

Google Analytics loading time report

Here's what the loading time report looks like in Google Analytics:

How does loading time affect the performance of my website?

Research has shown that loading time has a great influence on some very important metrics:#mce_temp_url#

  • SEO performance increases when you decrease loadingtime. It's one of the 200+ factors in the Google algorithm;
  • Conversion rate will drop when visitors have to wait longer for pages to load;
  • Visitors are more eager to return to the website a second (and third) time when a website loads fast.

Try our Google Analytics PRO plugin to track loading time

Loading time tracking in Google Analytics is a cool new feature we are happy to support in our Google Analytics PRO plugin. Check out the full plugin feature list of our plugin or download it immediately to start tracking! Learn more about this new functionality from the Google Analytics help center.

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