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Plot rows in Google Analytics

Plot rows Google AnalyticsJust like a lot of other webanalists we are pretty excited about the release of the new Google Analytics update. The development of the new version of GA is packed with some exciting new features, which are gradually being made available to Google Analytics users across the world.

Most of the new features aren't huge, but simply nice little features to make life in Google Analytics a bit easier. One of these small upgrades is the plot rows feature. I'm personally thrilled to see this feature rolled out in this update.

What are plot rows in Google Analytics?

Plot rows allow you to easily visualize the differences between certain datasets in a graph. With plot rows you can align two of your major traffic contributors to the general overview line. Simply check the box next to the traffic set and press the 'plot rows' button at the bottom of your table. This functionality makes it very easy to visualize differences between traffic sources.

In the video Google shows you exactly how it works.

I wish... for more updates like this!

at this moment this feature has only been released to Google Analytics user who have succesfully signed up for early access to the new Google Analytics interface. However, this feature will be rolled out over all acounts in the near future.

Hopefully Google will make this feature available for all metrics, not just traffic sources. It would be great to visualize more datasets inside the Google Analytics account in a similar matter.

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