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Universal Analytics integration with Display Advertising: update of our PRO plugin

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As part of finalizing the beta phase of Universal Analytics, Google has released a new integration between their advertising network Doubleclick and Universal Analytics. This update means you are now able to find a lot of Doubleclick data in your Universal Analytics reports. All you need to do is update your trackingcode to make sure the feature is enabled and make a few minor changes in your Google Universal Analytics settings.

How to setup custom dimensions in Google Universal Analytics

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It takes a few simple steps to add a custom dimension to your Google Universal Analytics account. In this article we give an instruction to tell you exactly how it works.
When you add custom dimensions, you are able to add Joomla data to your Google Universal Analytics account, which is extremely valuable if you want to segment your Joomla visitors. In our example we are adding the gender of users to a custom dimension.

Cohort analysis for Joomla websites with Google Universal Analytics

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The development of a new online project can often be split up into multiple phases. During the introduction you are able to get your first few hundred subscribers to your website. These users are keen on getting started with your product or are just generally curious about trying new things. On an average, these first subscribers are different from the ones that subscribe after your website has been optimized and tweaked over time and has proven to be successful. The user who has subscribed to your website in the first month will have a different onboard experience than the one that subscribes after month five.