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Tracking comments in Jcomments with Google Analytics

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Comments are important to track on a blog. They are an important way to track if your readers are engaging with your website or blog. For Joomla, there are many components which offer comment systems for your Joomla websites. One of the most popular comment components is Jcomment by JoomlaTune. Here is how you can track comments in Google Analytics when you use the Jcomment component. To use this instruction, you will need to have Jcomments installed. You will also need access to the files of your Joomla website (preferably by FTP). We have focused our instruction on the latest version of Jcomments, v2.2.0.2. Instructions may vary on different versions of the component.

New feature: Google Analytics loadtime tracking

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loadingtime google analyticsGoogle Analytics has been updated recently with a brand new interface and some really cool new features. One of the latest additions to Google Analytics reporting is the loadtime reporting functionality. Analytics for Joomla is likely to be one of the first to add this great feature to the Google Analytics plugin for Joomla. Many creative webanalists have been developing complex ways to track loadtime of pages with event tracking in Google Analytics. This was a complicated, but extremely useful way to get better insights in the way a website was performing.

Event Tracking goals in Google Analytics

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We have begged and we have pleaded. Finally Google has caved and given what many web analytics users have been asking for; event tracking as goals.

Up to this point a lot of specific valuable actions could not be set as goals in Google Analytics, but just as an event with a value. It was only possible to use a pageview as a goal. In some cases it was possible to set things as goals, eventhough you didn't load a page, but created a virtual pageview. It wasn't pretty and didn't give you the best insights.

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