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Event Tracking goals in Google Analytics

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We have begged and we have pleaded. Finally Google has caved and given what many web analytics users have been asking for; event tracking as goals.

Up to this point a lot of specific valuable actions could not be set as goals in Google Analytics, but just as an event with a value. It was only possible to use a pageview as a goal. In some cases it was possible to set things as goals, eventhough you didn't load a page, but created a virtual pageview. It wasn't pretty and didn't give you the best insights.

Plot rows in Google Analytics

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Plot rows Google AnalyticsJust like a lot of other webanalists we are pretty excited about the release of the new Google Analytics update. The development of the new version of GA is packed with some exciting new features, which are gradually being made available to Google Analytics users across the world.

Most of the new features aren't huge, but simply nice little features to make life in Google Analytics a bit easier. One of these small upgrades is the plot rows feature. I'm personally thrilled to see this feature rolled out in this update.

Tracking Youtube videos with Google Analytics

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Youtube Google Analytics

We love to share videos in our blogposts, like we did in our blogpost about Google Remarketing in Joomla websites. Unfortunately, we have never been able to be sure if you actually use the videos we share in our blogposts. This is important to us, because we want to be sure the videos have value to you, our reader. That's why we decided to look for a way to track our embedded Youtube videos in Google Analytics.