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The astonishing new features of Google Analytics

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Analysts, marketers and decision makers need insight into the online behavior of customers and users over periods of time and across multiple devices, while most analysis packages are based on measuring individual sessions on a single device. The engineers at Google are busy measuring visitor behavior over multiple visits and devices with  a new version of Google Analytics.

Adding social tracking to Google Analytics plugin for Joomla

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A few months ago Google announced the introduction of social share tracking in Google Analytics. In a world where social sharing has become an excellent way to allow website visitors to share content with the rest of the world, we were thrilled to see this development being introduced in Google Analytics. Today Google announced that Sharethis and AddtoAny buttons are automatically tracked in Google Analytics and Addthis social share buttons only require a few lines of additional code to show up in your Google Analytics reports.

Social Engagement reporting in Google Analytics

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Google +One button trackingGoogle Analytics has just announced a new set of reports (and functionality) that will enable websites to track social interaction with their content. This comes as a welcomed addition to the new Google+1 button, as it now enables one to measure the impact of social interactions in and outside websites.

Google Analytics social engagement tracking compares the impact of different types of social actions on your website. It not only tracks +1s, but it also tracks Twitter tweets, Facebook Likes, Facebook Sends and other social actions.