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How to setup a Google Universal Analytics account

Setting up a Google Universal Analytics account is not much different from the original Google Analytics setup.

  1. From your Analytics account home, click the Admin tab. Click +New Accountto create a new account dedicated to Universal Analytics. To add a new property to an existing account, click an account name from the table, then click +New Property.
    If you don’t have a Google Analytics account, first visit the the Google Analytics homepage. Click Create an account, then click Sign up. You must have a Google account to use Google Analytics.
  2. Select Website.
  3. Click a column to select a tracking method. Choose Universal Analytics to get more configuration options, and all future releases. Standard Analytics might not support all future product updates and feature releases.
  4. Enter a Website Name.
  5. Enter the Website URL.
  6. Select an Industry category.
  7. Select your Reporting time zone.
    This only affects the time that appears in your reports.
  8. (For new accounts only) Enter an Account Name. Select data sharing settingsfor the account.
  9. Click Get tracking ID.
  10. The analytics.js tracking code for this property appears in a box. Copy and paste this code snippet onto every page of your website. This requires access to your site code, and should be completed by the site developer. If you do not copy and paste this code exactly as it appears, data collection will not be implemented properly.
  11. After you implement the analytics.js code snippet on your website, complete each server side configuration option in your account. Use the help center documents for each configuration option in your Analytics account, or visit the the Developer Guide for more technical information.

For more information about setting up an account, we recommend you to check out the documentation section from Google.

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