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Siteapps for Joomla plugin launched

Siteapps LogoA while back I spoke with Phillip Klien from Predicta about behavioral targeting tool BTBuckets. At the end of our interview he mentioned their new project called 'SiteApps'. It's an amazing free tag management solution with a marketplace, filled with useful apps for every website. We decided to build a Joomla plugin for SiteApps, to make it even easier to bring the power of SiteApps to your Joomla website. By adding SiteApps to your Joomla website, you are opening the door to some really cool new functionalities for your website.

Joomla Feedback Extension

feedback formYou can get great insights to optimize your website by using Google Analytics. It's a free tool to track most of the important metrics to evaluate the performance of your website. There is one major flaw in Google Analytics (or most other web analytics tools). It doesn't allow you to get qualitative feedback from your users. Most web analytics tools don't allow you to ask your users what they think when they are visiting your website.

We believe listening to your visitors can get you the best insights to optimize your website and help your users have a pleasant time on your website. That's why we developed a plugin which allows you to get this qualitative feedback from users. Once you setup the plugin to your personal needs, you can find the feedback of users in your Google Analytics account. You can see an example of our Google Analytics feedback extension in action on our website. Just take a look in the right bottom corner of this page to find our little button.

User segmentation with web analytics tools in Joomla

Segmentation is a marketing technique which involves grouping audiences into segments and treating each segment separately for promotional purposes. In Web Analytics, Visitor Segmentation stands for segmenting your visitors to certain pre defined groups and tracks them to study segmented behaviors / performance of your Websites.

Visitor Segmentation Analysis is a vital part in most of the web analytics routine and followed by the experts. This will get you more insights about the classified user behaviors and that will let you capable of taking actions on optimization of your Joomla website.