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User segmentation with web analytics tools in Joomla

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Segmentation is a marketing technique which involves grouping audiences into segments and treating each segment separately for promotional purposes. In Web Analytics, Visitor Segmentation stands for segmenting your visitors to certain pre defined groups and tracks them to study segmented behaviors / performance of your Websites.

Visitor Segmentation Analysis is a vital part in most of the web analytics routine and followed by the experts. This will get you more insights about the classified user behaviors and that will let you capable of taking actions on optimization of your Joomla website.

Joomla visitor segmentation

In Joomla, we have several types of users, based on the userstructure setup in the CMS. In Joomla all users start of as unregistered, but after registration, they become part of a different segment. These registered users might be your clients, or just regular users. One thing is for sure, they were once interacting with your website through your registration form and they did it for good reason.

Taking a closer look at this loyal audience can make it easier for you to get a better understanding of what works and doesn´t work for your users. Try to find differences between two different segments of website visitors; registered users and anonymous users. Which pages did registered users use that anonymous users didn’t? Which campaign attracted the most registered users?

Web analytics tools integrated into Joomla

Analytics for Joomla has developed many plugins for affordable web analytics tools. We have made sure you can automatically track usertypes or even usernames inidividually with our plugins. Here are some examples of web analytics tools for Joomla that give you usergroup or individual user segmentation capabilities:


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