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Jomsocial + web analytics = ultimate user insights

Jomsocial + web analytics = ultimate user insights 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 votes.

JomSocial-ProHere at Analytics for Joomla we love social media. We don't just track social media buttons with Woopra and have over 1600 followers on our Twitter account. Like social media, we love social components to enhance Joomla websites. The biggest (and best) community component for Joomla must be JomSocial.

This extremely flexible and userfriendly platform can turn a normal Joomla website into an amazing community where people can share content, interact and come together. JomSocial has just released a brand new version of their platform, allowing you to integrate their system into Joomla 1.6 websites.

Here are some of the coolest social (media) features you can find in JomSocial:

Twitterfeed integration into accounts

Users can add their own Twitter account into their Jomsocial website account and show the latest tweets in their personal profile page.

Use Facebook connect for easy registration

Users can register and login to your JomSocial website by using their Facebook account. Not only is this easy for users, but Facebook updates are also pulled into their profile page on your website.

Social searching

If users want to connect to like-minded users, all they have to do is search for them through the advanced search functionality integrated into your JomSocial website.

Jomsocial and web analytics for actionable insights

When users register to your Jomsocial website, they share lots of information about themselves. Information you can use to better understand your audience and evaluate the effectiveness of your website and online marketing campaigns. Just imagine how much data you can collect to get actionable insights to grow your community and the audience you need to target. This is the type of data you are collecting on a JomSocial website:

  • The Facebook API tells you exactly what your targetgroup looks like (age, gender, etc.)
  • You can see how often users return (how involved are users of your community?)
  • Check who adds new friends (and which ones are made)
  • How many people are being liked and unliked
  • How many users are being shared through social media
  • What's the difference in navigation behavior between users and non-users
  • much, much, more

Web analytics tools help you understand more about your website

Tools like Google Analytics and Woopra allow you to track, measure and better understand the types of users that enter your website. By setting up your web analytics tool the right way, you can optimize your website and focus on attracting the right type of visitors to grow your community.

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