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Performable Plugin for Joomla!

Performable is a web-based software platform for businesses looking to optimize their marketing, sales and customer service efforts. Performable offers a unified view of your customers across e-mail, web, social media and mobile channels.

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Performable for Joomla Plugin Features

Multi-channel Analytics

No one has just a website anymore. The lines between web, social media, mobile, and email have blurred. With Performable, you can see all of your channels in one report and compare the effectiveness across common key performance indicators.

No More Nerdy HTML or Coding

Our Performable plugin for Joomla allows you to forget about the coding. Just like the tool itself everything can be done from easy to use interfaces. If you love code, you can still use it!

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Match your Message to your Audience

Create pages that match your web site’s messaging to individual advertisements, customer segments, and acquisition channels.

Dynamic Pages and Web Site Personalization

Easily create dynamic landing pages tailored to visitors based on advertising copy, customer intent, or industry. Use location based data for real-time country and language localization.

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