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Installation Performable plugin for Joomla

1. Download the plugin
Click on the download button at the bottom of this page to get your plugin.

2. Upload plugin through Joomla administrator interface
Login to the Joomla administrator section of your website and go to 'extensions' in the top menu. This is where you can find the upload option.

3. Select the plugin in the extensions - plugin section
After the upload, select the Performable plugin for Joomla in the plugin section.

4. Enable plugin
Enable the plugin inside the plugin interface.

5. Add your unique Performable trackingcode
To run Performable on your Joomla website, you will need to add the tracking code into the box. You can easily copy and paste the trackingcode from your Performable account settings page into your Joomla plugin interface.

ID for Performable

6. Choose to either track visitors individually or not (lifecycle Analytics).
Select this items to gather richer data and optimize your Performable account. Learn more about this option on the Performable website.

7. Save the plugin
Save the plugin to apply the changes.

8. Start tracking!
Your unique Performable tracking code has been added to all of the Joomla webpages of your website.