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Personyze on-site behavioral targeting: an interview with VP Danny Hen

Personyze LogoA few weeks ago we started a series of interviews with some of the leading minds in onsite behavioral targeting. Our last interview is focused on website personalization tool Personyze. We had the pleasure of asking Personyze VP Danny Hen to share some insights about tool development, onite behavioral targeting and the future of Personyze. If you want to get started with Personyze, try our Personyze plugin for Joomla for easy integration into your Joomla website.

Danny Hen (@dannyhen) is VP Marketing and Business Development at Personyze(@personyze). Personyze’s goal is to enable websites of all sizes to deliver a much more relevant and personalized experience to their visitors, moving away from a “one site fits all” approach to delivering a “website per visitor” experience. In his position Danny is assisting Personyze customers and partners in making this goal a reality.