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Personyze on-site behavioral targeting: an interview with VP Danny Hen

Personyze LogoA few weeks ago we started a series of interviews with some of the leading minds in onsite behavioral targeting. Our last interview is focused on website personalization tool Personyze. We had the pleasure of asking Personyze VP Danny Hen to share some insights about tool development, onite behavioral targeting and the future of Personyze. If you want to get started with Personyze, try our Personyze plugin for Joomla for easy integration into your Joomla website.

Danny Hen (@dannyhen) is VP Marketing and Business Development at Personyze(@personyze). Personyze’s goal is to enable websites of all sizes to deliver a much more relevant and personalized experience to their visitors, moving away from a “one site fits all” approach to delivering a “website per visitor” experience. In his position Danny is assisting Personyze customers and partners in making this goal a reality.

Let's start with a few questions about onsite behavioral targeting

Analytics for Joomla: How important do you believe onsite behavioral targeting is within the whole spectrum of website optimization?

Danny Hen: Behavioral targeting is the most important part of onsite optimization. Optimizing the design and UI of a website is very important as well off-course. However, only by implementing personalization can websites move from being generic – hoping the visitor will find what he is looking for by himself – to proactively showing the visitor relevant content that is designed for him. Only by using this approach you have a chance to convince a visitor who is going to give your site a grace period of 3 seconds, to stay in your site rather than just leave for the competitor.

Analytics for Joomla: What is the number one suggestion you can give to people who are getting started with behavioral targeting?

Danny Hen: Have a clear vision of what you want to achieve, but start small and grow from there. Personalization is more an art than a science. Over time, best practices that make sense for your site/industry will become clearer.

Analytics for Joomla: How many visitors or revenue does your website need to generate before you should get started with onsite behavioral targeting?

Danny Hen: We do not see any importance to the number of visitors. Even a site with just a few thousand visitors can gain a lot of value from personalization. For example, a corporate site of an organization with 5 products/services that only gets 2,000 unique visits a month can still get a lot of value from personalization if it is able to show the right product/service to the right visitor at the right time. If this results in one additional sale a month it can justify the whole investment. So the question is not so much the number of visitors, rather than what value personalization can bring to your business.

We also have a few questions about Personyze

Analytics for Joomla: Did you involve the end-user in the development of Personyze?

Danny Hen: Absolutely. Personyze was founded by a group of experts that faced the same problems that the company tries to solve. In addition, we have worked closely with end users in the development of the platform, both in order to decide which functionality to offer and later in designing the UI and UX of the system, so our end users can feel comfortable managing Personyze on their own.

Analytics for Joomla: What is your favorite functionality of Personyze? And why is this your favorite feature?

Danny Hen: The tight integration between the four main modules of the platform: Pro-Active Analytics, the Segmentation and Personalization engines, and the Testing (Optimization) layer. This empowers our users with one comprehensive solution, rather than seeing analytics data in one system, segmenting visitors in a second system and running tests in a third. This integrated approach enables our users to spot a problem (for example, low conversation rate for a keyword from location A) and immediately take action by creating a segment to solve it, while at the same time assigning a few personalization actions that they can simultaneously begin testing to identify the ones with the best results for this segment.

Analytics for Joomla: Does Personyze have self-learning optimization techniques and do they allow for predictive analysis?

Yes it does. We plan to put a lot of emphasis on these powerful features in upcoming releases of our platform.

Analytics for Joomla: Can you tell us something about the future of Personyze?

Danny Hen: A few things we are currently working on:

  • Developing integration with leading CMS and CRM systems, such as Magento and Such integration will allow our users to drive segmentation and personalization right from the CMS.
  • Integration with DoubleClick
  • Adding new capabilities for deeper segmentation based on 3rd party information.
This interview with Danny Hen is the last part of a series. We interviewed three experts in the field of onsite behavioral targeting. Before speaking with Danny Hen, we discussed onsite behavioral targeting with Phillip Klien (BTBuckets) and Dennis van der Heijden (Reedge).

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