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Reedge Plugin for Joomla!

Reedge offers an all-in-one solution for increasing conversion on your website. All Reedge clients get access to all features that allow you to increase your conversion and service.

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Reedge for Joomla Plugin Features

Reedge Behavioral targeting

Reedge can analyze a vistor’s pageview history, geographic location and technology specifications captured whenever the user visits a site within your network to automatically customize your site to create the optimal user experience.

No More Nerdy HTML or Coding

Our Reedge plugin for Joomla allows you to forget about the coding. Just like the tool itself everything can be done from easy to use interfaces. If you love code, you can still use it!

multiple tests
Run multiple tests, simultaneously!

Take advantage of all of Reedge's excellent functionalities. Start A/B testing immediately on multiple pages or generate heatmaps automatically!

Save time with easy code implementation

You will be able to implement the Reedge code from within your own Joomla Administrator interface. No need to digg into your template HTML code anymore.

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