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Reedge personalization tool officially launched

Reedge startup launched a few days ago (May 16th) after running their beta program with 1,000 users. Analytics for Joomla believes in the value of personalization to better cater the personal needs of the individual visitors on a website.

A few months ago we developed a Joomla plugin to easily integrate this brand new tool seemlessly into your Joomla website. Since then, we have registered many downloads of the Reedge plugin for Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 1.6. As the proud, official Joomla partner of Reedge we would like to congratulate the developers of Reedge on their successful launch of Reedge.

How does Reedge help you increase the revenue of your Joomla website?

Reedge allows you to easily use information from Facebook campaigns, PPC ads (like adwords) and visitors on your Joomla website to modify the site to increase engagement and conversion.

" allows you to personalize a landingpage from any marketing campaign and store this information for months to the websites that belong to the company and users see next will adapt in real time to the needs previously stored.", says Reedge founder Dennis van der Heijden.

Just like Dennis van der Heijden we believe in the power of personalization to improve conversion rates and online revenue. For those with an interest in behavioral targeting and personalization of content, make sure to follow our blog. In the next few weeks we will interview some of the experts on the subject to get you started on behavioral targeting.

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