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Google +1 button for Joomla (plugin available)

google plus one button

Most of you will now know what the recently released +one button does. It's Google's new way of letting you tell others around you that you like a piece of content. Kind of like the 'like button'developed by Facebook. There´s one huge difference between the two of them though. The Google +One button is integrated into your Google search results 'paid and unpaid'. I don´t think I need to get into the huge ramifiactions this new feature has on searchengine optimization and Google Adwords optimization. The guys at Search Engine Land did a good job at this already.

A quick video from Google as a Google +1 introduction

Google +1 button brought to Joomla

As you may know by now, we like to give Joomla webmasters the tools to get insights about their website's performance. Our web analytics plugins are one way for us to do so. Our Woopra for Joomla and Google Analytics for Joomla plugin are already equipped with Facebook like button tracking. As soon as the Google +1 button becomes available, we will make sure to offer it in a plugin and make it trackable.

UPDATE (June 1st 2011): The button has just been released for webmasters. You can now implement the button on your website using the Google +one button generator. We have released a plugin for the Joomla to add the +one button without any major changes in your code.

UPDATE (31st of July 2011): We updated the code to run the new asynchronous code. This new code results in faster loading times. Read more about the speedy Google +one button.

Google Plus One Plugin for Joomla (1.5)

Our plugin has the following features:

  • Our plugin adds the button into your articles (replaces {plusone} with the button)
  • We have made all of the different designs available
  • Include the count or exclude it
  • Track clicks on the button with Event tracking in Google Analytics (asynchronous tracking code only) -  check out the image below for an example of the output. Learn more about the new social engagement tracking in Google Analytics.

Event tracking plus one button google

In a future release we will add language support to our plugin.

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