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Google +1 button now loads faster

Google has been preaching about the value of speedy loading times for a few years now. Google offers products like Pagespeed to check the loading time of your pages and also allows you to track loading times with Google Analytics. Unfortunately, the need for speed wasn't part of the programming of the Google Plus One button. Every time you loaded a page with a +One button on it, the button was always one the last items to load. Luckily Google now practises what it preaches.

A source of complaint is that the JavaScript code needed to load the button is slow, therefore degrading the site speed and quality. That’s why some webmasters are reluctant to add the button on their site. It shouldn’t be a problem anymore as it’s now faster than ever! No changes in the code are needed in order to enjoy the decreased loading speed, it should take effect autonomously.

Google announced the updated code for Google Plus One buttons just a few days ago. This brand new asynchronous code will load the plus one button three times faster than the old one did. The optimized loading time is partly the result of code optimization on the end of Google. Even the old code is running faster than it did before.

Google Plus One plugin update

The Asynchonous code allows you to optimize your website's user experience. That's why we updated our Google Plus One plugin for Joomla too. If you use the new plugin, you will benefit from the fastest Plus One button available!

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