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Google Analytics error tracking for Joomla

Javascript error trackingWe recently added an update to our Google Analytics PRO plugin for Joomla. We added two cool new features for webanalists to enjoy. We already described the first one in a previous blogpost: tracking loading time in Google Analytics. The other new feature is error tracking in Google Analytics. It allows you to track javascript errors in Google Analytics with event tracking. We have added the feature, just so you could be sure your website is working properly.

How does error tracking in Google Analytics work?

Javascript errors can be caught with a small addition of trackingcode, which allows you to check if an error occurs in your javascript codes on your website. Every time a piece of javascript code isn't running properly or not loading at all, this piece of trackingscript adds an event to your reports of Google Analytics.

It gives you all the information you need to know which problem is occurring, on which pages and how often they are occurring. Basically this new feature makes sure your websites stays healthy and all of the functionalities are running as they should.

What does the Google Analytics report look like?

The trackingscript tells you exactly which errors are occurring. You can find the errors in the event tracking report of you Google Analytics interface. Your report might look a little something like this.

Google Analytics error tracking

As you can see, the plugin shows exactly which error is occurring. By clicking on an error message in the report, you can digg deeper and see on which page on your website the error trackingcode was triggered.

Released in the latest version of our Google Analytics for Joomla PRO plugin

If you would like to take advantage of this feature or are long list of other cool Google Analytics features, check out our section about our Google Analytics plugin for Joomla.

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