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Social media buttons and tags - updated Joomla Tags

Joomla TagsIn the past we have made a bunch of tweaks to existing plugins and components. We did this because we wanted to track their effectiveness in Google Analytics. Just have a look at our previous blogposts about tracking the standard Joomla contact form with Google Analytics, or our instruction to track comments in Jcomments. One of our favorite Joomla extensions is next: Joomla Tags. We use it on our website to add tags to link to related posts. We believe an update was required to add some social media buttons. We also wanted to add Google Analytics event tracking to track the clicks on the tags.

You can see at the bottom of this article what the result looks like. Here's how you can add this useful plugin to your website (Joomla 1.5 only):

1. Install the Joomla Tags extension

To get started, install the latest version of the Joomla Tags extension. We will only add a few simple changes to the regular install. You can get the latest version of Joomla tags here.

2. Download our updated Joomla Tags files

Download and unzip the updated files to your desktop. You will need to overwrite the old ones of your current Joomla Tags installation.

3. Overwrite the old files

There are two files in the .zip folder:

  • tagcloud.css
  • tags.php
Use your ftp to overwrite the current versions of these files. Here are their locations:
  • tagcloud.css: public_html/components/com_tag/css
  • Tags.php: /public_html/plugins/system

4. Enjoy the update!

You can now enable the plugin and use the component. To see the plugin in action, you will need to add tags to the content item.
Note: If you have any questions about the Joomla Tags extension, please direct them to the Joomla Tags Forum.

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