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Social media buttons and tags - updated Joomla Tags

Written by Martijn van Vreeden. Posted in Updates

Joomla TagsIn the past we have made a bunch of tweaks to existing plugins and components. We did this because we wanted to track their effectiveness in Google Analytics. Just have a look at our previous blogposts about tracking the standard Joomla contact form with Google Analytics, or our instruction to track comments in Jcomments. One of our favorite Joomla extensions is next: Joomla Tags. We use it on our website to add tags to link to related posts. We believe an update was required to add some social media buttons. We also wanted to add Google Analytics event tracking to track the clicks on the tags.

Adding author markup to Joomla blogposts

Written by Martijn van Vreeden. Posted in Updates

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Google just revealed it's supporting authorship markup HTML tags. This may seem like a small tweak, but it's seriously good stuff if you're a writer wanting to find your work online--and it could even help protect an article's IP. And that's all good for readers too. If you run a Joomla website and have a lot of contributors or you are the only author and want to claim ownership of your work, you only have to make some simple changes to your Joomla website to get the right markup done for Google indexation. Look for one of our two scenarios for instructions on how to add the markup.

Google Analytics error tracking for Joomla

Written by {ga=admin}. Posted in Updates

Javascript error trackingWe recently added an update to our Google Analytics PRO plugin for Joomla. We added two cool new features for webanalists to enjoy. We already described the first one in a previous blogpost: tracking loading time in Google Analytics. The other new feature is error tracking in Google Analytics. It allows you to track javascript errors in Google Analytics with event tracking. We have added the feature, just so you could be sure your website is working properly.