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Most of our plugins are compatible with Joomla 1.5, 2.5 and Joomla 3.0!

Woopra Plugin for Joomla!

Woopra delivers a complete suite of enterprise grade analytics in one easy to use live interface. Now you can monitor multiple Websites simultaneously in a tabbed window and switch quickly between each. We have added some special Joomla features to make sure you can easily track your website visitors and get the right insights.

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Woopra Plugin Features

Live dashboard

Woopra’s Live Dashboard updates instantly with every action that occurs on your website. You get a quick overview of exactly what’s happening without refreshing or scrolling through long web pages!

No More Nerdy HTML or Coding

Our Woopra plugin for Joomla allows you to forget about the coding. Avoid the hasstle of digging into your template code and start collecting data straight away!

Funnel Analytics in Woopra

To complete a conversion, a visitor has to go through one or more goals (ex: sign up, confirm email, add to cart then checkout). Funnels in Woopra help you spot where visitors drop off during the path to completing goals.

Advanced tracking of Joomla users

You can now easily track registered users in Woopra based on their username and e-mail address. This allows you to zoom in on their particular behavior on the website.

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