Google Tag Manager Plugin

Our Google Tag Manager plugin for Joomla makes it easy to install and configure Google Tag Manager on your Joomla website. We provide a plugin for different types of Google Tag Manager users. From beginner to advanced.

Free version

Basic GTM installation

Pro version

Advanced GTM installation. Expert data-collection out of the box, built for Joomla website.

0 Euro

Free forever

10 Euro

One time fee, free updates forever

Features include:

Features include:

Fequently Asked Questions

  • Is the plugin easy to install?

    We walk you through the steps of installing the plugin. Some of the instructions are on this websites, but we also included some useful helper functions in the plugin to configure it properly.
    Learn more about installing the plugin

  • Does it take long to install the plugin?

    We provide you with the right Google Tag Manager plugin to track your Joomla website. Get started with our plugin and have Google Tag Manager up and running within 5 minutes.

  • Who usually buys the pro version?

    We offer Google Tag Manager plugins for experienced users and beginners. Our experienced tag management users will benefit from our pro plugin advanced tracking capabilities, while beginners will be happy to use our basic free plugin.

  • Can you tell me what’s in the datalayer for the pro version?

    We have documented all of the variables in the datalayer to help you understand the content of the object.
    Please learn more about the Joomla datalayer here.

  • What is a datalayer?

    A datalayer is the foundation of an effective tag management system (TMS) implementation. It provides you with a standardized way to collect and distribute data via your TMS. If you want to learn more abou the value of a datalayer, please read this article by Simo Ahava.

  • Where can I find my unique GTM container ID?

    After you have succesfully created a new Google Tag Manager container in the Google Tag Manager environment, you will be provided with a code snippet. In this code snippet, the unique container ID is included. The ID will always start with the prefix “GTM-“.

  • Why would I change the name of the datalayer?

    For a standard implementation of Google Tag Manager, there is no added value in changing the datalayer object name. We would not recommend doing this unless you really have to. However, in some cases it is required to rename the datalayer. If you have multiple tag manager installed on your site, which require a different name for the datalayer, or you have legacy datalayer objects with a different name already installed, it might be required to change the datalayer name as well. Only use this feature if you are sure it is necessary.

  • Can I upgrade from the free plugin to the pro version later?

    Yes. Simply remove the basic free plugin and install the pro version. you can copy the configurations from your free plugin in your pro version plugin.

  • Do you provide tracking support for non-standard Joomla components and modules?

    Usually no. However, if we believe it adds value to a lot of our users we may expand the features of our plugin. Feel free to reach out if you have suggestions. Keep in mind that the choice to add this type of functionality is entirely up to us. No promises.

  • What are GTM recipes for Google Analytics tracking?

    Google Tag Manager provides a functionality to import templates of variables, tags and triggers. These can get you started easily, without starting from scratch. We have created several of these template (aka receipes) based on our pro version datalayer. They will help you leverage the datalayer and collect send data to Google Analytics in a matter of minutes.

  • What are the templates you provide to track Joomla functionalities?

    Google Tag Manager provides a functionality to import templates of variables, tags and triggers. We have created some of these templates to help you track some basic functionalities like logins, registrations and other basic interactions for the core Joomla components. They can be huge timesavers if you want to start tracking valuable interactions in Joomla.

  • What if I have other questions? Can I reach you?

    We provide support for our pro plugin users. Our free plugin is very basic and the FAQ information will often suffice. You can contact us for pro plugin questions through our contact form. We don’t provide support on general Google Tag Manager questions.